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Biohitech America, LLC

Biohitech America, LLC


Biohitech America, LLC

80 Red Schoolhouse Rd
Unit 101
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977 | map | directions
Pat  Angelastro Pat Angelastro
845-262-1081 ex. 826 | fax: 845-262-1085
BioHiTech America can save companies money each month by removing the heavy and costly food waste from the waste stream. In addition, our BioHiTech Eco Safe Digester with Cloud Technology will enhance your existing Sustainability programs with valuable weights, data, reports and metrics. Our digester has a scale and a "bio brain" that provides immediate access to valuable cost saving and Sustainability information. We can assist in preparing companies for the inevitable upcoming state litigation concerning removing food waste from the overall waste stream. Massachusetts was the first state to pass laws that make it mandatory to divert food waste from landfills and other states will follow in the near future. BioHiTech America has customers in 39 states and 10 countries. We can assist hospitals/restaurants/hotels/schools/universities/food-grocery stores/office buildings with an overall recycling plan to be "CLEAN & GREEN". In addition, we have an office in London, England called BioHiTech Europe. We can service customers on a global scale if necessary.
Member Since: 2016
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